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The Story Behind Fan Favorites Surf All Day, Rage All Night and the Microbus Tee

…The creative process for each design is different. Surf All Day, Rage All Night was Tak’s idea. It was the first time I had heard that phrase used for “partying enthusiastically.”

So what’s the story behind the classic (and recently re-released) Surf All Day, Rage All night graphic?

Steve: The creative process for each design is different. Surf All Day, Rage All Night was Tak’s idea. It was the first time I had heard that phrase used for “partying enthusiastically.”

Tak: That brings back memories! There’s not a whole lot of story behind it. “Rage” was a term that was the latest battle cry in surfing, so that’s where that whole idea came from.

And what about the other fan favorite, the Microbus tee?

Tak: The VW bus was the vehicle of choice among surfers and just hippies in general. That was the vanguard of all cars.

Steve: And it was just fun to draw.

Actually, the first time we used the microbus was in the Surf Trek design where the microbus was in space.

Tak: That was one of my favorite designs!

What were your other favorite graphics?

Steve: I like Pier Pressure, where Thrilla is slamming into the pilings of a pier. All of these people are on the pier and he’s just doing a face plant into it.

Tak: I actually have a couple. One of them was Surf Trek, where Steve drew that VW bus and it had wings and was going through space. It was a classic. I really liked that one. My other favorite – remember when that kid jumps out of bed and turns into a werewolf?

Steve: Oh yeah! Call of the Wild.

Tak: This kinda nerdy looking kid with glasses is sleeping in bed and his alarm goes off and he grabs his surfboard. On the back of the shirt, he’s sprinting off into the distance turning into a werewolf.

Steve: It’s because he’s just heard on the radio that there’s perfect waves.

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Tak & Steve’s Creative Process and That One Graphic They Didn’t Agree On

When Thrilla Gorilla made his debut in 1984, he was borne out of the collaborative efforts of Tak Kawahara and Steve Nazar. Cartoon characters on surfwear was pretty much unheard of at the time. Surf culture was tough and gnarly – not a place where you’d find cartoons. But Thrilla Gorilla and Da Boys changed the game and in the process, helped define 80’s surf and skate culture.

Looking back, you guys collaborated on over a thousand graphics that reflected surf culture in what was always a humorous and fun way. What was the creative process like?

Tak Kawahara: Whenever we’d collaborate on a design, we’d throw ideas around and Steve would just come up with a rendering. I’d add my two cents. And every design you see kinda develops that way.

The really cool thing as far as I’m concerned is that there was a really natural flow to it. We have the same sense of humor. We were together on what was funny, what was cool, what wasn’t. Not only could we picture a lot of the same things, but we had a ton of ideas between the two of us.

Steve Nazar: When we got together and had our development meetings, it felt more like hanging out and bullshitting than working. It was pretty effortless…  (continued…)

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Da Blogz Post #1

What up Internet!

We’ll be using our blog as a kind of Thrilla Krew news and content aggregate. It’ll also serve as a place where we can tell the history of Thrilla Krew. As you can imagine, with over 30 years to our history there’s a bunch of stuff we have to share. Check in for old photos, stories by Steve and Tak unused art and other behind the scenes sort of stuff.



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